Immaculate Smooth Face ! Want ?

Now Bateeilee Blogs Will share tips Immaculate Smooth Face ! Want ?. Acne and blemishes on the face of a black beauty issues that women avoided.But if you want to have a bright glow without a stain, there is a simple attempt to do and applied at home.

These steps can be a positive new habits in order to maintain the beauty of blemish-free skin, bright and beautiful.

1. Intentions and desires

Intention is the key to keeping skin healthy and have beautiful skin. With the intention, desire and effort then nothing is impossible. To keep your skin, avoid using tools made ​​from rough.

Prioritizing the use of scrubs, face masks cosmetic tools and ingredients that have a light for the face. If the intention is to build within themselves to look pretty stunning, then this will be the basis of a good spirit in the face of beauty care.

2. Three-phase cleansing

In order for the skin clean, fresh, bright and has uneven color, do not forget mengplikasikan the pattern cleansing the right way. That is always doing cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

After cleansing the face from dust, dirt and make-up, do not forget to use the tonic to remove residual cleanser. It will also help maintain the pH balance of your face. After that apply a moisturizer for the skin retain moisture and elasticity.

3. Use a face mask

Face mask should be used twice a week. Suggested content of material mask tersiri refresh, moisturize and smooth the skin. This will help to exude an aura of freshness face.

4. Do not use excessive make-up

The more you use make-up, the more it will hurt the skin. If you really care about the condition of the skin. actual foundation make-up option that is not recommended.

When morning choose a moisturizer or BB cream for the face and at the same time light may be an optimal foundation.

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