How to Have Perfect Skin

HAVE beautiful skin, it is definitely every woman's dream. However, it is not easy to get it all.Because of this, there are several things that must be done, in addition to doing regular maintenance. Here, his review from Female.

Change the routine pillowcases

Many of us often underestimate this. Whereas in the pillows that we use can be attached to a lot of dirt. Therefore, replacing rajinlah pillowcase to keep skin intact.


Without going to the spa, you can do it yourself at home steam. The trick, you can use the bathroom as a steam room. Turn on the hot water faucet, let the steam filled the room. You can steam a few minutes in it.

Wash your face longer

Many women are in a hurry while washing his face. In fact, if the equalized when brushing your teeth, at least it did not take two minutes to do so. Try to keep applying it when washing your face. That way, the face will clean up the pores.

Do not often touched

In a research mentioned, within one hour the average human hand touching her face 3.6 times. Of course this affects how much bacteria can stick to the face. Coupled with other objects that directly touch the face. Therefore, try not to touch your face often. This is done to avoid the accumulation of dirt or bacteria.


Yes, the hair also affect the health of your face. Try to keep hair clean and does not stick as much as possible in the face. Therefore, hair can also lead to other problems such as acne or blotches on the face.

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