How to Achieve Google Adwords success?

Are you using Google Adwords to bring in additional, quality customers? Do you know the seven steps to Google Adwords success that enables you to crush your competition and reel in the customers on twenty four a day basis? The first three steps to Google Adwords success involve using odd bid amounts such as $0.17, $0.23, etc. to jump up in placement. Conducting split testing on your advertisements and using Dynamic Keyword Insertion are success steps two and three. This article discusses Google Adwords success steps four through seven.

Google Adwords Success Step #4: Use punctuation secrets in your advertisement copy. Google Adwords has rules in that you can't use swear words and the only punctuation mark you can use is a question mark. Add a question mark to your advertising copy. You will stand out from other advertisements if you do this. Also try capitalizing the first letter of every word in your advertisement. Don't capitalize every letter as Google will prohibit you from doing this. Also put a comma in your headline followed by a power word such as "Free". The comma will prompt the reader to pause and then let the following power word sink in.

Google Adwords Success Step #5: Find quality keywords. Use a keyword program at This program allows you to type in the name of your niche and then it supplies you with great keywords associated with that niche topic. This program tells you the number of people that are searching for those keyword terms in the last thirty days. For a conservative estimate, you can multiply this number times five. For an aggressive estimate, you can multiply this number times ten.

Google Adwords Success Step #6: Find information at to help you determine good keywords. Go to and search for books based on your niche topic. Use these book titles and author names as keywords.

Another similar option is to go to and search for synonyms to the name of your nice topic. You can also find out what keywords your competition is using by going to

Google Adwords Success Step #7: Placement is critical. Many Google Adwords users are not sure where they should have their advertisements placed in the Google search results. If the Google Adwords advertisements are placed along the right hand side of the screen then you should strive to be in the second or third placement. Why? The first spot often yields "junk" clicks. Many users click on this by accident or what to seek out further information before making a decision. If the Google Adwords advertisements are right above the free results then you want to be in the fourth or fifth spot for similar reasons.

Additional Tips:
Not sure how to tell if your Google Adwords campaign is effective? Google allows you to monitor this information by giving you statistics including bid placement.

Participate in the "Google Adsense" program as well. Google Adsense is like Google Adwords, but from a different perspective. Google Adsense enables you to allow advertisements (from Google Adwords customers) to display on your OWN website. You earn money when users click on these websites. Earning 25%-50% commissions is realistic. Plus, Google Adsense is a program that you setup and then don't have to do anything further. You have to apply to this program and Google will give you code to put in your webpage. Check out for more information.

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