How to Write a Letter – Basic

The purpose of writing a letter is to show your efforts, love, respect, care and trust for others. Writing a letter is nothing but showing yourself on paper. Generally, we write different kind of letters to express our feelings to others for that we need to follow some rules to make good impact on us.
First Rule
Provide the entire context so that the reader will come to know about the author. The context must be of your address along with the recipient’s name, address date and subject line. The address should be mentioned on the top left side of the letter.
Second Rule
Start the paragraph writing with proper greeting on the left side of the paper as this is the opening it should begin at left side. greetings are of many kinds like “HELLO”,”DEAR” this kind of greetings will be used for formal letters and for business letters we use “Mr”or“Mrs” followed by their names.
Third Rule
Provide an opening statement of the paragraph to the reader to understand your intentions. Intentions can be of any kind as this is the opening statement we need to ask some warm welcome questions. For example if you are writing a letter to your friend you can start with “How are you?” or”what are u doing?” this kind of intentions we use for formal letters is. For business letters we need to put our intentions clear and straightforward so the reader will understand the purpose of your letter.
Fourth Rule
Build the body of the letter .If its is formal letter it can be of any length but for business letters it should not exceed more than 2 to 3 pages.
Fifth Rule
Close the paragraph by indicating response you are seeking from the reader side for example you want a return letter from the reader side you have to mention like this “Please write me back”, “See you soon”, “Waiting for your reply”.
Sixth Rule
End the letter with proper sayings like “Sincerely” Faithfully”,”lovingly”,”truly” ,”Regards” and “Respectfully” with signature under it.
Seventh Rule
Mention your address on the envelope it should be on the top left corner of the envelope and the readers address should be on the middle of the envelope.
Sample Letter format:
xx 45 Downtown , Denver, Colorado,United States.
18 January 2013
xx Dublin, California,United States.
Dear. xx
I’ am very much impressed by our meeting last week while I was in Dublin. You and your team were very kind in providing me some business opportunity. It was excellent. I want to take the opportunity to join with you. Thank you for giving me this business opportunity so I could earn some money to cut my expensive. I want to know some more details about the investment cost for the business. So, please write back .I’ am waiting for your reply.
Yours truly,

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