how to survive on a google search?

Today Bateeilee Blogs will given you way how to survive on a google search and be indexing and much more for your website.When you are planning to make a website, do you ever plan the Content of the site that you created? If you are in making a site you've never determine the main content of your site then why it is very unfortunate that, because a site with relevant content preferred by search engines and that are also worth our attention is the keyword Density in our website making it easier for search engines in position when someone searches for something on a search engine.

Content + Relevancy + Popularity = Top of Google Ranks

In addition to the content, a site must also have Relevancy and it is also very important for a site, Relevancy here in understanding your market/keywords and making sure that Google understands your site is relevant to your keywords...keep your keywords in mind when optimizing your site. The optimization process is very technical and requires an understanding of what Google is looking for. 

And understand what is being searched by people in everyday and we seek to provide answers to what exactly they are looking for proficiency level and we do not try to fool them with the information that we give them in a site.

Besides content and relevancypopularity of your site is also important. Popularity is how many sites are linking to your site as a reference point? The more quality links your site receives, the better you'll rank.

How do you get this popularity? we have to build our site as quickly as possible by building links with sites that have similar content as well as the premises of our site are always keeping our website images of the things that cause our sites are banned by search engines

But sometimes we forget to pay attention to the broken and dead links on a website and the website link building we should not carelessly with no regard to the content of our site with a site that we are building links, so that sometimes the contents of its website conten be banned and not appropriate with the theme of the site.

So that I can tell you, and thank you for reading this article

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