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It has always been about being noticed. People dress well or do something bizarre in order to be noticed or make a statement. To get ahead in life or business one needs to be at the top, first in line. Now more often than not, the World Wide Web to functions along the same principles.

With tough competition between websites, articles, and e-commerce sites what makes one more successful than others is the position a site gets on search engines. The higher the ranking the larger the number of hits or traffic to the site. To achieve a higher position websites use the strategy of SEO optimization and content is written such that it is key word dense.

It is not as simple as using words repeatedly you need to know which keywords are relevant to your website and pages. Once you have a master list ensure that :

  • Match keyword tag with content. Ensure that the keyword meta tag has around 900 characters or 25 words.
  • Ensure that the keyword density in between 3-10% . And, avoid using the same word more than once in a sentence. Check keyword validators to determine the exact density percentage.
  • Try and maximize use in the top half of the page. Many search engine spiders do not go beyond 25-50%.
  • Be smart and spell your keywords with variations and also include plurals.

Go one step ahead and make use of a keyword density checker. This is an automated system that will comb through your web content and highlight words used in higher density. The system will enable you to perfect your pages and provide what search engines or spiders want.

A Keyword Density Cloud see can be used effectively to crawl selected URLs, analyze word density, and remove common stop words. The tool can be added to your website and fulfil a vital role in SEO optimization.

It is all about knowing how to gather your audience or customers and the keyword density checker or cloud can help you through several stumbling blocks. The golden rules of SEO are: keyword density, keyword frequency, keyword prominence, and keyword proximity.

The basic rule of thumb is to know "what are the keywords your potential customers are likely to use." Key words must not be random but relevant to your line of business. The trick is to strike a balance neither too many nor too little. Too many can get your site banned and too little means you get lower rankings and your wonderful site goes unnoticed.

So, while sticking to your marketing plan and focus take a moment to take care of web content and its many nuances. Make content meaningful and relevant, find out the most important words that will be used to find what your site has to offer (put yourself in the user's shoes). And construct content using all the golden rules and keys mentioned above.
If you tread the right path success in the World Wide Web will be yours. 

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