Four Type of Women Men Avoid

Now Bateeilee blog will share Four Type of Women Men Avoid! Physical beauty is not the only thing he wanted from a woman.

Characteristics of women are also included in the monitoring of the man who was looking for a partner. Of the many female characters, there are four of the most avoided. What is it?

1. The Female Boss in this category look more dominant than her partner. He has a personality that tends ambitious and always want to get what they want. This type of woman has also spoiled nature and always wanted to be obeyed any desire. The men will feel oppressed when dealing with this type of woman.

2. The Materialistic He would not even open his wallet to pay for parking. Women in this category so avoided the men because they were having an affair goals will be very doubtful. Is it true that this woman loves her partner or just chasing treasure? What if one day the man of wealth runs out? The Matre will immediately turn around and look for a thicker bag man.

3. The Princess They tend to be 'high-maintenance', happy to indulge in the salon and spa, as well as a collection of self-contained makeup. Character that is often misinterpreted as materialistic. The difference, women in this category have a high-paced lifestyle, but they will be happy to use his own money and not be troublesome partner.

So what's the problem?

The problem is, not many men who have the guts to approach the Princess, especially if they come from a simple background. Adjust our lifestyle to become a major problem for men who have a relationship with a woman in this category.

4. The Obsessive Women in this category have a long list of characteristics of the perfect man in her eyes. Faces such as Tom Cruise handsome, tall as Kris Humphries, muscular like Vin Diesel, rich like Bill Gates, and many more. They will be showered with criticism partner if their partner is not as perfect as the men in her imagination.

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