REALLY upset women easier than men

Now Bateeilee Blog will share Really Upset Woman easier than Men? For business breakups, male body produces hormones cause upset feelings more than women.

This was stated Larry J. Young, Ph.D., a scientist at Emory University in his book entitled "The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction".

In his book, Young said that any behavior associated with romance, sex, and intimate things starts from the brain, so that this behavior arises naturally, without being able to be controlled.

Including one, feelings of sadness and desire to be alone when broken heart. So, not surprisingly, not a few people committing suicide due to breakup the male.

If the women are often shed his dismay with the way 'vent' with her ​​best friend, another with men.

Men prefer to be alone and reflect on the problem rather than hanging out with his friends.

Young told, this condition is caused by a chemical called vasopressin in nerve. This substance makes men reluctant to close with men and vice versa, more than happy to be near her.

This is precisely what makes men often regret having decided her lover and feel extreme longing to the former.

"The other reason, he is also often consider their partner as 'home'. When they left their partner, they are emotionally homeless, "Young said as quoted by Glamour.

Stress from a breakup is also often adversely impact the health condition of the adam. Research shows that men who have divorced have a quality lower immunity than married men. The widower was noted to have a shorter age than women are widows.

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