What Point Link Turn into Spam

Now Bateeilee Blog will share How Many Links Are to Many Links for SEO. When Links Change From SEO Booster to SEO Spammers. Using keywords in links is a great way to boost search engine optimization and drive more traffic to your blog through search engine keyword searches because most search engine ranking algorithms weigh linked text heavier than non-linked text.

However, too many links can be viewed as a spam technique causing search engines like Google to remove your blog from search results completely. You don't want that to happen!

The accepted link to text ratio estimated by search engine optimization experts is one link for every 125 words. That means if your blog post is 250 words, you can feel confident including up to two links in that post without hurting your search engine rankings but still helping those rankings if your links are keyword-specific.

Once a blog is removed from search engine rankings because it is flagged as spam, it's nearly impossible for it to get readmitted. Therefore, avoid potentially being labeled as a link spammer by sticking with the rule of including no more than one link per 125 words of content within a blog post.

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