smile to be more beautiful and healthy!

Now Bateeilee blog will post smile to be more beautiful and healthy!. A smile is the best makeup in the world. You can look gorgeous and glowing with only one genuine smile despite not wearing gold or diamond necklace. Do not believe? Consider the benefits reported by magforwomen smile for life.

1. Look more beautiful

Where there is a beautiful woman sullen? Indicate a genuine smile of happiness so you farm more beautiful. If you want to look nice naturally, you should often smile.

2. Maintain health

A smile is a sign of happiness connotation. And happiness is one important element to keep healthy. Smiling can put you in a good mood and have a positive impact your mental well-being, which in turn controls your physical wellbeing.

3. To make others happy

One important reason Why you should smile is to make people around you happy. If you smile and radiant all the time, you will be contagious behavior. And will make people around you happy and smiling too.

4. To be grateful for what you have

Smile is also an expression of gratitude for what you have. Conversely, if you frequently complain and are not satisfied, then you will never smile and often sullen.

5. To be positive all the time

People who like to smile generally have positive thoughts and optimistic. Although the problems come and go does not mean faced with anger. Face life with a smile so much easier to bear.

6. Become more approachable

A man would prefer to approach women who are friendly, cheerful than that bitchy. Women who smile also can make you more beautiful and attractive appearance even though you sederhana.jarang smile of his face dull, not as cheerful and full of a lot of problems that are not attractive.

7. To make more friends

Same as above, if you are stingy smile you'll be seen as haughty, arrogant, bitchy and do not want to be friends. Such a person is considered to be good friends. If you want to get a lot of friends, then decorate your face with a friendly smile.

Do not be stingy smile Well ladies, share your smile so that you and others happy.

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