10 easy ways to look beautiful!

Now Bateeilee Blog will share 10 easy ways to look beautiful!. All women always want to look beautiful. They flocked to the salon and spend deeply for maximum performance. Though be had pretty cheap way without having to pay expensive. Follow these tips to get cheap pretty magforwomen reported.

1. Healthy eating

Eating healthy does not mean you have to eat foods that are expensive. Avoid eating oily and junk food. High consumption of fruits and vegetables for a healthy and beautiful skin.

2. Cut out and keep your nails clean

Nails can become dirty and blackened by dust, germs. So make sure you clean and cut nails regularly.

3. Caring for your teeth

Your appearance can be ruined instantly when your teeth are not clean. Make sure you always clean your teeth in order to give a charming smile.

4. Take care of your hair

Wash your hair to keep it clean and fragrant. The hair is limp, oily, dandruff and odor indicates that you are not good at keeping the alias slob.

5. Chiropody

Faces are important but do not forget the treated leg. Face is pretty but the soles of your feet are cracked, or your legs are not smooth also did not look sexy and charming.

6. Do not forget to remove makeup

Cosmetics can make beautiful. But that does not mean you do not remove cosmetics while sleeping. Cosmetic stick to the skin for too long can lead to clogged pores and acne.

7. Protect from sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight causes skin burns and even skin cancer. Therefore do not forget to apply sunscreen every out of the house. You can protect yourself by wearing an umbrella, a hat, scarf or jacket.

8. Sleep

Sleep for 8 to 10 hours a day flexing every muscle in your body. The result is, you wake up in the morning with a fresh and radiant face.

9. Drinking water

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day to get rid of about 70% of your health problems. Water naturally acts as cleansing and removes all the impurities in your body. Besides water keep your skin moist.

10. Smile

Smiling does not cost a penny, but provide beautiful light to the face. A smile is a natural makeup your face. So it should not be stingy smile ya ladies.

It turns out it's pretty cheap and easy yes ladies.

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