5 SEO Don'ts for Bloggers

Now Bateeilee Blog will share 5 SEO Don'ts For Bloggers. Avoid These SEO Mistake.There are many search engine optimization tips (SEO tips) that you can follow to boost your blog content's rankings in search engine keyword results. However, there are also specific things you need to avoid to ensure that your content gets the ranking and traffic it deserves. Avoid the following SEO don'ts at all times!

1. Keyword Stuffing

Never stuff keywords into your content. It's perfectly acceptable to use your keywords in your content but if they appear more than once every 200 words or so, you're overusing them. You do not want to be accused of keyword stuffing. Even a blog that doesn't stuff keywords into blog posts but does stuff them into lists of links in the sidebar, in the footer, and in other places on the blog could be considered guilty of keyword stuffing.

2. Hidden Text and Hidden Keywords

Don't try to hide keywords in an extremely small font or in text that is the same color as the background of your blog. That's a big SEO don't and is a guaranteed way to get flagged as spam content if you're caught.

3. Duplicate Content

Don't republish content that has already been published online. This holds true for content within your own blog. Search engines like Google punish content that is not original. That means even if you write the content, don't publish it in more than one place.

4. No Original Content

Never publish content on your blog that includes a page filled with ads or links with little or no original content. That's a big spam flag for search engines!

5. Paying for Links or Publishing Paid Links

When people pay for links, it artificially inflates their popularity. Search engine algorithms typically reward sites with a lot of incoming links with higher rankings under the assumption that pages with a lot of links must be good or no one would link to them. In an effort to crack down on paid links and reduce this artificial popularity inflation, sites that pay for links and sites that publish links that have been paid for could be punished if they're caught.

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