10 Ways to Feel Beautiful

When we feel insecure, it is possible to ignore your low self-esteem and feel more beautiful. Either want to go to an event, to the office, or on a date, here are 10 ways to look sexy in an instant.

1. Stop your obsession

Sometimes we ourselves can be the biggest enemy of us, which could result in catastrophe for our confidence. To ensure your confidence remains high, try to avoid the endless obsession in front of the mirror as we used to do before leaving the house. Remember that spots "large", curly hair, and weight gain that always keep you glued not a big deal for others, so do fun things for yourself and stop it's obsession.

2. Record your Excess

To make you stop fixated on the things you like less, is quite helpful to change the focus to the things you love inside. Whether it's a flat stomach, a warm personality, or hair that sparkles, try to remember the compliments you received anything in the past or things that you know are your strengths, and write a list of reasons that make you feel sexy.

3. Put on your red dress

According to a survey conducted by the British Heart Foundation, the women feel more confident when they are wearing something red. One in three women surveyed revealed that the color red makes them very confident. Whatever you like whether it's red lipstick, red nail polish, dress or red shoes, wear something red to make you feel beautiful.

4. Pretend

Are you still not feel confident? Other people do not need to know! To feel like the hottest girl in the room, you have to give the impression that this is the real you - and all of it is useful to boost confidence. As Sophia Loren said, "The appeal is 50 percent of what you can and another 50 percent is what people think you have." Plenty of smiles, chatting with new people, and generally gives the impression can make you feel comfortable with yourself and it instantly increase your attractiveness.

5. Work out at the last minute

Indeed, regular exercise is the best activity to form a beautiful body, but exercising at the last minute before going to an event can help you look and feel better. To highlight some of the muscles and or muscle belly, do sports at the last minute, such as sit-ups, lunges, and bicep exercises. Your blood flow to your muscles will temporarily tighten them and make it look more obvious. Not only that, endorphins are released after exercise will help you feel more confident.

6. Change your appearance

Nothing helps you look beautiful and confident than an entirely new appearance. Whether you are wearing a new hairstyle or wearing makeup, trust yourself in the hands of the professionals and let them do their magic. Make an appointment with a salon for your makeup, choose a simple makeup free in a shopping mall, or go to the hairdresser to dye and cut your hair. Not only you will look very pretty, but you also will feel beautiful.

7. Highlight your best part

It may sound trivial, but to boost your self-confidence that can help you to highlight the best in you. Rather than wear something comfortable that hides your posture, set aside time to form your curves and think about what is suitable for your body. In addition to forming the body posture, you can also wear makeup to accentuate the best facial appearance. Play with the eyes or the lips to enhance your cheekbones by wearing makeup that showcased a more specific form.

8. Indulge yourself

A little pampering is a great way to make your mind feel happy and you feel amazing appearance. Try the simple pampering treatment at home like using scrubs, hair treatments with conditioner, bath milk, or facial treatments to accentuate the natural glow that makes you look and feel sexier than ever.

9. Plenty of smiles

Research shows that people who smile more are considered more attractive, and it is a good enough reason to show off his pearly white teeth. However, if your teeth look a bit yellow, you can still show off a dazzling smile. To make you look whiter quickly, try wearing red lipstick or pink with shades of blue, and avoid yellow or orange lipstick shades that will reinforce your yellow teeth.

10. Remember that you are more sexy than you think

According to a study conducted by Dove only two percent of women who feel themselves beautiful, and only five percent felt confident to say that themselves beautiful, but it seems a lot of women who do not realize their own charm. Research shows that others see us 20 percent more interesting than we think, because they see our posture completely, including our personalities. Therefore, regardless of how scale your attractiveness and how you are feeling, it is important to remember that you are more attractive than you see.

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