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Bateeilee Blogs Now will share Building Backlinks One of the less known ways of building up the backlinks to your site is by having your site listed with the numerous top sites located on the web. These sites are very niche specific. You will find them by doing Google searches like “top100 web hosts” or “top100 Flower sites” etc. depending of course on what exactly it is that best represents your niche market.

These top 100 sites are all traffic driven meaning that the more traffic you send to them the more they will display your links on their top 100 list of sites. This of course works very well for sites that already have a bit of traffic. Those sites that are new, and that do not have much traffic will not receive a lot of benefit from this type of link until such a time as their traffic grows.

Another method that can be very useful in generating backlinks is by taking advantage of the news groups. News groups are like bulletin boards. Each board is on a unique topic and each one will allow the general public to post to the board. These boards are very niche specific so it is important that you only post your messages to boards that share a similar niche to that of your own site. 

When posting to boards always observe the rules of the board. Never do multiple posts, and never use improper language or you can bet that spam accusations will follow and your ISP could be banned as a result.

In order to gain access to the news groups you may need to subscribe to a news service. Most ISP’s do offer news groups as part of their services. For those that do not it is possible to find third party sites that can offer you access to these same groups at a very nominal charge.

Another method that is just recently becoming popular is the use of community sites as a place to put text links back to your sites. There are a lot of very high traffic communities out there and all of them are looking for more content. One of the most popular community sites today is the broadcasting site. It is possible to set up a youtube account, and then place references to your email address and your website on that account. Any time someone from the youtube community scans your site they will see your link and potentially pay your site a visit.

There are other equally popular community sites besides YouTube. Another one of the popular ones is Once again this site will let you build a profile and once again it will let you place your links for other community members to see. Yahoo, AOL, MSN all have similar community sites that may be used in the same fashion. The key in using these sites to successfully generate traffic is to use them responsible. Do not over post to them, and never just send unsolicited emails or you will likely get banned and removed from the system.

Obtaining more backlinks to your site doesn’t have to be an overly complicated process. No matter which type of site you are trying to use, always keep in mind the lesson that spamming is a very bad practice and do everything you can to ensure that it is somebody else that is doing the spamming and not you.

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