Yahoo! beat Google-In the First 5 Years

Marissa Mayer
Now Bateeilee Blogs will share Yahoo! beat Google-in the First 5 Years.Breakthroughs made ​​by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer that beautiful face, finally paid off. For the first time in the last five years, Yahoo managed to dominate the Internet traffic in the United States which has been dominated by Google.

Google since April 2008, has always topped the number of visits to the web sites of the U.S.. while Yahoo can just stick it in the second or third position, not even, Yahoo managed to beat Google.

This shocking news was released by ComScore in the monthly report "Top 50 U.S. Internet." Wednesday (21/8), as quoted from Cnet.

ComScore noted in July, Yahoo managed to become number one with the achievements of 196.564 million visits, while Google thrown into the second position with 192 251 000 achievements. visit.

Yahoo's success, called Marketing Land, contributed by none other than blogging site Tumblr, which Yahoo bought in May last. ComScore traffic was actually still count Tumblr as a separate website. Tumblr itself is ranked 38th with 38.367 million visits.

Although the traffic is calculated separately, Tumblr was already accounted for the number of visits to Yahoo. This was revealed by ComScore notes for Tumblr, which mentions "some portion of traffic (Tumblr) have been distributed to entities other sites".

Positive results from a variety of breakthrough Marissa Mayer will certainly make Yahoo's shareholders and employees smile. Annexation of several start-up companies by Yahoo who initially doubted it worked. Source

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