Taking Risk Carbonated Drinks

Now Bateeilee Blogs will share About Taking Risk Carbonated Drinks For Healthy. Although only drink soda once a day, the risk of aggressive prostate cancer men increased by 40 percent.

Men who drink soft drinks not only can damage the teeth and waistlines, but also increases the risk of aggressive prostate cancer, although only drink once a day.

A recent study in Sweden found that one soft drink a day can increase the risk for developing other forms of cancer are more serious by 40 percent.

Not only that, researchers at Lund University have also found, that they were applying heavy carbohydrate diet such as rice and pasta could increase the risk of a mild form of prostate cancer, by 31 percent.

And consume lots of sugary cereals also increase the incidence of milder forms of cancer to 38 percent.

In that study, the researchers examined more than 8,000 men aged between 45 and 73 years, for an average of 15 years.

Isabel Drake, a PhD student at the University of Lund, said: "Among people who drink a lot of soft drinks or other beverages with added sugar, we see an increased risk of prostate cancer is about 40 percent."

The men in the study had to undergo regular medical examination and continuously monitored the intake of food and drink.

Those who drank one soft drink 330ml per day, 40 percent more likely to develop forms are more serious than prostate cancer.

Nevertheless Drake said, that more research is needed to determine exactly what kind of diet should be done by a group of men at high risk of developing prostate cancer.

Keep in mind, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer experienced by men after lung diseases.

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