How Diabetic on Kids

Now Bateeilee blog will share How Diabetic on Kids. Diabetes, once commonly affects grown-up, but is now also a disease called diabetes, starting lots of infecting the children. If not treated, the disease can certainly provide a lot of negative effects to the health of children.
Type 1 DiabetesOn this type of diabetes, mean, pancreas child can not meet the need of insulin for the body. Type 1 diabetes is caused by anatomical abnormalities in the pancreas where insulin-forming organs, which are responsible for the processing of sugar in the body is compromised, resulting in the accumulation of excess sugar in the blood.
Diabetes Type 2Is a chronic disease in which there is disturbance of sugar metabolism in the body. Type 2 diabetes is closely associated with obesity. Pancreatic tired, due to work extra in excess metabolize sugar, causing insulin produced becomes less qualified.
Symptoms of both are relatively similar, the children often feel thirsty and hungry. Children also become frequent urination, weight down suddenly without any other cause, is not powered and sometimes blurred vision.
Prevent diabetes was getting worse by teaching children healthy eating, ie eating lots of fruits and vegetables, low-fat, low in calories and blood sugar levels checked regularly.
It is not easy to train children with a healthy diet, let alone most of the kids 'hostile' to the vegetables, especially the green. As a solution, maybe you can teach him about the various health benefits of vegetables for her, of course, with a fun way of learning. Forming fruits and vegetables in a funny and unique shape also can arouse appetite to try.
Train the child to do regular exercise, such as cycling or swimming. Especially in children with type 2 diabetes, exercise is essential to help lose weight. So that children are more excited, maybe you could give a gift with a new bike that was his favorite color.

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