Abstinence for pregnant mothers

Now Bateeilee Blogs will Share Abstinence for pregnant mothers.!. During pregnancy, many pregnant women find it difficult to eat. After the first trimester was filled with morning sickness does not mean trouble eating so over. All foods and beverages consumed by pregnant women will certainly make an impact on the fetus.

Carelessly consume foods and beverages can be brought more permanent harmful effects for the baby, advised pregnant women and their partners to observe diverse intake consumed.

The few things that become taboo for pregnant women, namely:

Raw or Cooked Half
Plate with an extra bowl of soft-boiled eggs or sushi variety of flavors, may indeed seem tempting. However, this delicious dish nan apparently has a hidden danger for pregnant women.

At half-cooked food and even raw, usually still contain bacteria that do not die like the dishes are cooked until done. Bacteria, viruses and parasites can affect brain development and growth of babies in the womb

Hot dogs, unpasteurized milk
-Comestible comestible is susceptible to bacteria listeria monocytogenes, a bacterium that causes listeriosis which causes miscarriage, born in dead condition and other congenital diseases

    Sea Animals
Marine animals are cooked until done to provide essential nutrients for the body and the formation of the fetal brain. At the half-cooked seafood dishes, feared the effects of mercury still survive.

Choose salmon, shrimp, tuna, sardines, tilapia, catfish also contains high levels of protein is good for pregnant women. However, consumption of seafood is also no limit, no more than six ounces per week
Raw Vegetables
Nutrition Research Center in America do not even advise people not to eat raw vegetables pregnant. Bacteria growing in the vegetable sections impossible disappear just by washing

    Bottled drinks
Beverages containing alcohol, like wine, beer can lead to fetal oxygen deprivation due to the inherent nature of these beverages that binds oxygen in the blood.

Caffeine and tea were not necessarily safe for pregnant women. Based on the research, caffeine and tea can increase the risk of miscarriage if consumed in excess, limit consumption of as much as 200 milligrams per day
Even though herbal supplements, not necessarily safe for pregnant women. Supplement containing caffeine, guarana, kola, betel, citrum, yohimbe, and cocoa can increase the risk of babies born with disabilities. The good, consume vitamin recommended by your gynecologist.

The most important is to carefully examine and consider a range of intake will be consumed. Little snacks such as potato chips, ice cream and little cakes are not actually forbidden for pregnant women consumed.

However, it would be nice if pregnant women consume foods that contain nutritious, because the food is not only to meet your needs moms, but must also meet the needs of the fetus in the womb.

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