Avoid Blog Comment Spamming

Now Bateeilee Blog will share How to Avoid Blog Comment Spamming. Most blogs allow readers to write comments on posts, and many bloggers use comments as a way to increase the number of links to their own blogs in an attempt to boost traffic through click throughs and higher rankings on search engines such as Google. Leaving comments on blogs with a link back to your own blog isn't taboo, but if not done correctly to abide by the unwritten rules of the blogosphere, those comments could be considered comment spam.

What is Blog Comment Spamming?

Comment spam occurs when a person leaves a comment on a blog post that overtly includes links to the commentor's blog or website solely for the purpose of building link count and boosting search engine results. It's a search engine optimization technique that is frowned upon in the blogosphere.

How to Avoid Being Accused of Blog Comment Spamming

To avoid being accused of comment spam, only include links within your comments if they provide added value to the conversation. Links should be relevant and useful, and they should not be included in excess. Even links in a comment signature can be considered blog comment spamming.

Instead of including links within your comment, include your blog's URL in the space provided when you enter your comment. On most blogs, your name will automatically link to the URL you enter when your comment goes live on the blog. This is a completely acceptable way of linking as part of commenting. However, it's also important that all comments you leave on blogs bring added value to the conversation or your comments will be disregarded and provide no real benefit for you or the blogging community.

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