Get More Out of Marketing

What does every business owner want? To be noticed, to stand out amongst their peers and competitors, to be more visible.

Here is a number of tips pointing business owners/marketeers in the right direction.

1) Be different, a perfect example of poor marketing is the common trifold. An over-used piece of Graphic Design and Printing. Perfectly formulated to be a mail-out, the flyer / brochure in the letter-fold or trifold format has been used by every business / service provider / retailer or restaurant you can imagine. When going to press on a project, understand that within reason your piece of printed paraphernalia can be any shape you like. Stand out.

2) Get to the point. Too many business owners dilly-dally when talking about their product or service. Remember, if your potential client is interested or needs your service half the battle is already won. The customer should be able to take the initiative and go through any materials you may have at their own pace. Clear and concise graphic design will also help communicate those points, for example: if you have plenty of text, and it is all necessary, try to break it up with shorter lines and complimenting visuals to keep them interested.

3) Be bold. If you are attempting to advertise a product, keep your focus on that particular product or service. It is a common design flaw in much marketing where due to advertising cost, companies want to put in everything they can possibly think of, as well as their office sink!! Good Graphic Design creates clean visuals that stand out even at a glance, that is the aim of advertising, a hook to reel them in, not the companies autobiography and catalogue all rolled into one!

4) Prioritize. All forms of communication, including Graphic Design and Advertising must have a subject. You may have digression and sub-points, but there must be the all important message, keep it in mind and keep it obvious.

5) Graphic Designers share the same goal as business owners. This is a personal point, but one I like to make. Graphic Design is the art of communication, a graphic designer WANTS your ad / poster / flyer / website / catalogue / etc etc. to be noticed, thats what they worked for. They want your product to look good, they need you to be successful, their own success rides on yours. If the work they produced for you goes unread or unnoticed they have been a complete failure.

Finally, find out all your options. There have been dramatic reductions in printing costs and many marketing techniques, speak to a graphic designer, market or advertising specialist and find out what exciting possibilities are out there. Don't limit yourself to what you know or have done before, if its no longer exciting for you, its really not thrilling your audience!

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