Cause Infertile Men Less

Now Bateeilee Blogs will share Cause Infertile Men Less? Infertility is a man not related to her sexual ability. It should also be noted, male fertility also decreases with increasing age. '' To be a grandfather was the sperm can still be generated, but the potential to get bigger girls with the disorder,'' said Wahyuning Ramelan, andrology expert.

Regarding the cause of infertility in men, Wahyuning divide it into two parts. The first is genetic. Amounted to 47 men with chromosome (XXY), he said, will not produce sperm. While the number of men with type XX chromosome 46 but, then his spermatogenesis (sperm creation process) will be disturbed.

In addition to genetic factors, there are also external factors that can be obtained from sexually transmitted diseases. If not handled as it should, this disease could potentially clog or damage the sperm out of his spermatogenesis. '' Radiation can also reduce fertility, and even lead to infertility.''

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