Social Media for Business

Now Bateeilee Blog will post Social Media for Business.Using social media for your business can promote your work to large groups of people you may not otherwise reach. Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are relatively new forms of marketing, and they are quick and easy to use.

Using Facebook to Promote Your Graphic Design Business

Facebook is enormously popular, most often thought of as a social tool for friends and family to share photos, thoughts and anything else that the huge Facebook network allows. It is also, however, a powerful social media tool. With so many people on one website, it was inevitable that businesses jumped in with profiles, or pages, of their own to take advantage of other business opportunities.

Using Twitter to Promote Your Graphic Design Business

Twitter is often thought of as a social tool… a way to keep up with your friends on what they are doing at any given moment. It can, however, be a powerful promotional tool and a great way to use social media to promote your business. Countless businesses from software developers to illustrators to the New York Times use Twitter to keep their followers up-to-date on their latest happenings. Along with your website, newsletter and other networking tools, Twitter is just another way to keep people up-to-date on your graphic design business and remind them of what you do, and to connect with like-minded professionals in your field.

Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Graphic Design Business

LinkedIn is a business networking website that allows professionals to connect and help each other. Unlike many other networking tools that were originally geared towards socializing, LinkedIn is specifically intended to be a business networking tool and therefore an obvious choice as a tool to market yourself as a graphic designer.

Your Clients are Listening

When you combine social media tools and business, remember that your clients and potential clients are often listening. If you run your own graphic design business or work as a freelancer, you should always assume customers are reading and watching what you are doing on sites like Facebook and Twitter. More than ever, they are also checking in on other social media sites that you might consider a safe "bubble" within the graphic design community. Clients from Hell is certainly amusing, but it's up to you if you want to take the risk of a client finding out they are in fact, according to you, from Hell. This article provides advice on how to play it safe while using social media for your business.

Dribbble Graphic Design Gallery

Dribbble (yes, there are three b's) is an invite-only design gallery that takes a Twitter approach to showcasing work. Rather than limit by characters, 120,000 pixels are allowed in each post. The idea here is for designers, web developers, illustrators, and others to share their work-in-progress, only revealing a small portion of it before it's public. Dribbble is social because other members can comment on your work, "like" it and interact in other ways.

Instagram for iPhone

Instagram is a free photo sharing app for the iPhone that allows you to take photos, transform them with a variety of filters, and easily share them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social networking sites. Instagram has quickly grown into an extremely popular iPhone app and social media tool, providing a quick and easy way to share photos and find photo and design inspiration. Designers often use it to post snapshots of their work, making it another place to share what you are doing with the community.

Interview with Tracey Halvorsen - Social Networking in a Design Business

Tracey Halvorsen is a blogger, painter, author, speaker and Principal and Creative Director at Fastspot, a Baltimore, Maryland-based interactive agency. I had chance to speak with her about many aspects of running a design business, from social networking to determining budgets to the importance of failure. I asked Tracey how social media tools have changed the way she communicates and does business.

Review of iPhone Twitter App Tweetie

Tweetie for the iPhone is an extremely user-friendly and feature-rich Twitter app for managing Twitter accounts. Now in version 2, I found this release to be faster and even easier to use than version 1, maintaining its status as one of the best Twitter applications for the iPhone.

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