Pregnancy and Fasting

Now Bateeilee Blog will share Pregnancy and Fasting, Fasting, is the worship of the most eagerly awaited by the Muslims. Never mind those who are in good health, those who are sick will still try to run fast. What about the mother who is pregnant? Is fasting safe for them?

The following frequently asked questions about pregnancy and fasting with dr. Kartika Hapsari, SpOG.

  1. Can pregnant women to fast?
     It's okay, as long as mother and baby are in good health. 
  2. Terms of what causes pregnant women are allowed or not allowed to fast?
     Depending on the condition of mother and baby, you should consult a gynecologist to each, may be she can not fast if their health condition does not allow, for example, if the mother is required to take medication continuously or perform a particular diet.
  3. Is there any impact of fasting for pregnant women and the fetus?
    There is no particular impact, as long as mother and baby are in good health. 
  4. How to maintain the health of pregnant women during the month of fasting?
    Do it like a normal fasting, eating and drinking activity only changed the clock, not the caloric needs, avoid eating too late and do not miss the dawn of time. 
    Mothers should not eat too many sugary foods or beverages and avoid eating too much, because usually, when fasting, foods for pregnant women feel less so the baby will overeat. 

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