International Driving Permit in the UK?

Now Bateeilee Blog will share International Driving Permit in the UK?. Do I Need An International Driving Permit in the UK? I'm planning to tour the UK by car, making stops in England and Wales. Do I need a special driver's licence or international driving permit to drive there?

Answer: You can drive for up to 12 months in the United Kingdom as long as you have a valid licence from your own country. You don't need to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) but if your own licence has been issued in a language other than English, you may want to consider buying one before coming to the UK. 
An IDP is an internationally recognized form of identification, carrying your name, photo and driver information -- in 10 languages. It does not replace your licence - which you should still carry with you if you intend to drive - but it can be used to communicate with authorities who speak a language different from the one in which your driver's licence is issued.

IDPs can be purchased through local driving clubs and organizations in your own country. In the US, The AAA has details about IDPs, which currently cost $15.

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