Caution Dementia in Young Age

Now Bateeilee Blog will share Caution Dementia In Young Age. Or senile dementia is a disease of old age is not the normal way, so it is important to watch out for. Therefore, if the forgetful young, needs to be detected early.

It was raised Hospital Memory Clinic Team Member Sardjito dr Astuti, SPS at Reuters. Dementia Symptoms initially appear as normal symptoms of aging, the symptoms became become heavy from time to time, such as forgetting to put the stuff, forget the names of family members, forget the recent events, one to determine the time, date and place, difficulty speaking, reading, writing and perform simple calculations.

All of it led to difficulties in performing daily activities, often with emotional and behavioral changes such as fear, anxiety, confusion, suspicion, depending on others or withdrawn.

According to him, or senile dementia at a young age began frequently found. '' My Dementia Patients anyone under the age of 30 years due to a head injury due to an accident,'' he said. There are various causes of dementia. Most of cause of Dementia is Alzheimer's disease (a medical illness affecting the brain, especially memory (memories), personality and behavior result in lower future abnormal brain).

Other causes of dementia are Diabetes mellitus, stroke, post-head injury, post-encephalitis, epilepsy, brain tumors, Thyroid disease, renal failure, hypertension.

Therefore, if you or a family member has symptoms of Dementia immediately consult with a competent doctor in the Hospital Clinic Memorti Sardjito. '' In Hospital Sardjito provide early detection of memory impairment services in plenary,'' said Astuti.

With early detection of dementia, allowing treatment to begin to slow the progression of dementia symptoms. In addition, it can also be done in the form of stimulation cognitive stimulation, brain stimulation and brain training exercise motion. 

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