Your Weight In Gold

To reduce the rate of obesity, the government of Dubai to give a gift on its citizens two grams of gold for every two pounds of weight loss. Two grams of gold equivalent in money worth USD.90

They hold a weight loss challenge called "Your Weight in Gold," in the middle of Ramadan. Government considers Ramadan is a good time to invite citizens to lose weight.

"Ramadan is the perfect time to launch such an initiative because of Ramadan reminiscent of healthy living habits and help change bad lifestyle," said Hussain Nasser Lootah, as reported by the NY Daily News (18/07).

Data in 2000 showed that more than 50 per cent of UAE residents are overweight and 13.5 percent have diabetes.

"When people come here, they are obese. Habit of bad people here is they stop using their bodies and eat too much," said Dr. Ahmed Fuad.

To participate in this challenge, residents must have a UAE ID cards are official and valid. There's no limit to the amount of gold that can be obtained by the challenge participants.

In the final tally, held in August, the top three winners will be awarded gold prize worth $ 4,000. The figures seem to be enough encouragement to lose weight.

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