The Impact Of The Fuel Price

Today Bateeilee blogs will tell about the increase in fuel prices and the result of the policy of his had been issued on a program called "Bantuan Lansung Sementara Masyarakat" process has caused dissatisfaction Indonesian society.

In the distribution of the assistance we have found that the data from the prospective beneficiaries are less accurate and in the list of beneficiaries are the rich people who participate receive it, giving rise to protests from the public against the policy
in several areas in Indonesia.

So the question arises why the list of the beneficiaries are the names of people who are economically capable and considered inappropriate to receive Bantuan Langsung Sementara Masyarakat. 
as well as Aceh Province also found the names of the recipients are among the better off and the poor people instead not recorded who should receive such assistance.

Then where did the government get the data the names of the beneficiaries from all over Indonesia, as well as what could be his criteria for the beneficiaries and the courtesies which recommends that the A or the B can receive the assistance ? This is all based on the data recommended by the BPS ( Badan Pusat Statistik ) ? Bateeilee Blog also don't know where and who recomend it to Goverment.

I write all of this news is based on the reality on the environment and local news daily in Aceh and Indonesia, so that could be a study material for anyone who read it, and this paper is not to discredit an institution or government.

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