Outbound Training in India-growing trend

In this hectic world of business, team management, team composition and team building is very important. A good team makes a good company and to keep a team gelled , team- building exercises became a part of every major company's agenda.

Earlier training used to be held in the stiff office board rooms within four enclosed walls and even though it seemed like a great idea, it usually turned into groupism, with members divided into small groups instead of a team and was not all that management wanted. Other plans like team sports and office picnics also fell by the way, because not every member was interested.

Outbound Training (OBT) is a new concept where it was neither a picnic nor a team exercise held within the four walls of the office. It was a combination of both and was a new venture .It focused more on team achievement and team centered goals, Individual achievements did not matter if the team did not do good. This was both good for the team and the individuals too as their focus was more on the team spirit than individual glory.

Outbound Training (OBT) are usually held in camps in a secluded jungle or hill regions and consists of a wide variety of activities, both physically and mentally challenging. Involving physical activities like trekking, Rappelling, treasure hunts and sometimes even more adventure sports like rafting and rock climbing. Team dynamics like communication, problem solving, decision-making and managing change come into focus during these periods.

The most prominent benefit of this kind of training is team bonding and self confidence building of individuals. These activities help develop, sharpen and fine-tune the behavioral skills and qualities of an individual and also mutual trust and understanding between members of a group. The training helps to generate fresh ideas and better attitudes, and acts as a trigger to reconsider existing work related attitudes. It helps them venture out of the comfort zone all the while boosting the team spirit. There are no employers and co-workers here, just individuals working for the betterment of the team. This achieves the goal of outbound training as each member to work together towards the fulfillment of a larger objective to achieve the organisation's mission.Convert Visitors into Repeat Buyers

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