One Step Ahead on Ebay!

Selling on Ebay can be a good hobby or a nice profitable business for others. I like to sell on Ebay and other auction sites for both of these reasons. Below I will list some of the things that have helped me out enormously through trial and error. 

  1. Determine if the product that you are going to auction is a one time sale or if you have a continuous supply of this item. This means that if it is a one time item that you are going to want to get the best price for it. The best way I found to do this is to put a reserve price on the item close to what you need to get out of it. I know that alot of people say that a reserve price will hinder the chances of selling an item, but it won't if you try not to be greedy. If you have a continuous supply of a product, taking a $15-$20 profit is the way to go on something like a $200 Digital camera because you will have many more sales. 
  2. If you want a steady income on Ebay you need to find suppliers. The best way to do this is to determine what type of product you want to sell, and then start researching what that item is selling for on auction sites. Once you find a supplier that carries your product and you determine that you can profit at least 10% after your listing fees and Paypal fees if any, you are then ready to climb aboard the Ebay bandwagon. 
  3. The next thing you will want to do once you find the right supplier is to buy a few items to sell. This way you are going to test the suppliers quickness in getting the items to you. Also it is good if the supplier will dropship to your customers. The reason for this is sometimes you may get a item that is broke or scratched and you don't realize it until it is time to ship to your customer. A dropshipper can send this item to your customer just like it came from you. 

I hope these few little tips will help you get started in a hobby on Ebay or maybe a lucrative business. 

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