Glyconutrition and Anti Aging

Fountain of Youth and Glyconutrition

Students of American history are introduced each year to the intriguing stories of the "conquistadors". You remember them don't you? They were the "rough and tumble" Spanish explorers and conquerors of the sixteenth century. They roamed the Americas looking for gold. They roamed the Americas looking for silver. They roamed the Americas looking for glyconutrition... uh... no... I can't say they were smart enough to be looking for glyconutrition. In fact, I can't really say they were all that... well... smart.

I mean, these Spanish "conquerors" wandered all over the Americas "discovering" anything promising quick wealth. They include men like Vasco de Balboa who, we're told," discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513"... after the locals showed him where it was. Brain surgeon, he wasn't. So, for money, the local Native Americans took him to the beach on the other side of Panama and there he stood - on the beach- discovering the Pacific Ocean.

Of course, he just had to plant his flag and claim the ocean for Spain. The whole thing. It apparently didn't dawn on him that others may have been using the ocean before he saw it. Nope. Didn't discourage him one bit. Just went ahead and claimed it all for the "glory of God and Spain". You'll understand of course why the media didn't cover it.

Another case in point, Juan Ponce de Leon. This genius wanted to live forever (his own "anti-aging" plan). He thought, of course, that was a unique insight. Don't you think if there was a place where you could've gone to drink a glass of magic water - and it gave you eternal life - the buzz would have long since put skyscrapers and interstate highways all around it? Do you think the world would've waited for - of all people -a conquistador to find a drink like that? Everyone was still reeling in gut-busting laughter over Balboa.

So, Ponce just happened to hear about the fantastic "Fountain of Youth" And he paid some locals to take him there. (Have you noticed who is making all the money on these "discoveries"?). Of course, the real issue was that the locals were the ones who made sure that Ponce de Leon would hear "about this amazing discovery" which led to eternal youth (their version of anti-aging). He came. He saw. He aged.

Actually, the real money "discoveries" were these conquistadors. The locals had discovered them. Word had gotten around North America. These guys aren't that well endowed, mentally. But, they have money. So the stories flew. A new industry flourished. I'm sure there were myriads of Native Americans lining the streets of the future Havana calling every Spanish conquistador they could find, hoping to lead him to the next "discovery".

So, the forests, rivers and mountains were just crawling with these conquistadors who were looking for Cities of Gold (Coronado), Cities of Gold (Cabeza de Vac), Cities of Gold (Hernando de Soto) and many others (Cities of Gold). And, of course, Fountains of Youth (de Leon)...and many others (Fountains of Youth))

Of course, no one found a Fountain of Youth (no magical anti-aging elixir there). Ponce de Leon did get credit for "discovering" Florida. But, the locals pocketed his cash.

Glyconutrition: Is there a real "Fountain of Youth"?

I wish I could tell you that glyconutrition did "reverse aging" ("anti-aging" does not mean "reversing" the aging process). I wish I could promise you that glyconutrition was a health drink which stops aging (anti-aging does not mean you stop aging). And I wish I could tell you there was nutrition, albeit glyconutrition, which produced some anti-aging miracle in your body. Nope. Glyconutrition isn't a miracle.

Glyconutrition is the specific nutrient you and I need for a strong immune system. And that immune system, if kept strong by glyconutrition, is the essence of anti-aging.

Glyconutrition is involved in the anti-aging process. Until recently, people commonly believed the passing of years was the key to understanding aging (or anti-aging). So, we tended to believe nothing could be done about the aging process. No real anti-aging process, in other words. "Growing to a ripe ole' age" was simply the way we were thought to chronological years. That was the case until the advent of glyconutrition and the anti-aging sciences.

Free Radical Damage: The Real Aging Process of the Body

Free radicals are those chemical substances which contain one or more unpaired electrons. They can maintain independent existence and they form in the body as toxic offshoots of cellular activity or as toxic products introduced to the body from outside.
As an analogy, compare the running of a car engine to a cellular production.

Think of car emissions as the production of free radicals. The engine produces by-products which cannot stay inside the engine without damaging it. Then they must be expelled. Free radicals form causing damage by reacting with different substances in your body. Upwards of 200,000 free radical attacks occur in our bodies every day. As free radical damage occurs, the body removes the compounds formed by its cellular repair system (glyconutrition response). But, if the body is overwhelmed by the free radicals, or cannot remove the compounds... then chronic disease results and the aging process sets in.

Wherever free radicals form, they damage the surrounding areas, unless stopped by the body's defense systems. That is aging of the body. This is the real issue involved in anti-aging. Helping the body to quench the free radical processes must now become the real focus of the "anti-aging" sciences (involving glyconutrition).

That's the reason glyconutrition and its response to free radicals must remain strong. But, glyconutrition goes far beyond that:
Glyconutrition keeps cells healthy and lets antibodies know where there is viral or bacterial attack.
Glyconutrition is now known to stimulate massive numbers of stem cells, for tissue and organ repair.
Glyconutrition aids cellular communication, letting the body know what the cells need and how to get resources to them.
Glyconutrition strengthens the immune system.
Glyconutrition is now known to be the factor which the body uses to locate tumors, weak tissues, or old dying cells.
Glyconutrition is the body's immediate response system for deterring chronic disease development.
Glyconutrition is the key to dealing with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, and a host of other aging conditions... 

From all of the above, glyconutrition is the basis for the anti-aging processes of the body.
Often, the damage from free radicals can change cell structure. Glyconutrition is needed by the body to hinder or stop that process. That keeps the cells healthy. That contributes directly to longer living (anti-aging).

I wish it where as simply as finding a Fountain of Youth. But, we have found glyconutrition. With four Nobel Prizes involved in this discovery, that's not bad. In fact, it's unprecedented.

Glyconutrition is the anti-aging "Fountain of Youth"

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