Atherosclerosis, Chelation and Chelating Agents

In our everyday life, our body is exposed to various toxins almost all the time. We are facing toxin attacks in the food, in the water we drink even in the air we breath. Heavy metal toxins like Mercury, Lead and Cadmium gets deposited and builds up plaque in arteries and blood vessels and narrows the passage for blood flow (medically termed as Atherosclerosis). This in turn leads to all sorts of problems and even heart attacks and might ultimately require surgery to bypass the blocked arteries. 

Chelation (pronounced key-LAY-shun) Therapy is the process in which chemicals bond with minerals and toxic metals and remove them from the body. The word Chelation has been derived from the Greek word "chele", meaning to "claw". 

The doctors have used chelation therapy for a long time now and the most important chelating agents used by them is EDTA (Ethylene Diamine tetra acetic acid). This is a synthetic amino acid that is highly effective in binding with the harmful metals and releasing them out of the body through the urine. 

Chelation Therapy is definitely the most effective alternative to surgery for Atherosclerotic vascular disease. This therapy when applied properly has considerable effect on patients and thousands of patients have been cured without any need for bypass surgery or angioplasty.

There are two types of Chelation, classified mainly based on the way they are applied; Intravenous Chelation, where the chelating agent is injected through the veins and Oral Chelation, where the patient takes the chelating agent through his mouth just as any other medicine. Intravenous chelation is comparatively costly and would necessarily require a doctor to assist the patient, however, oral chelation is one of the easiest processes and is comparatively cheap. 

Any oral chelating agent would contain a synthetic amino acid called EDTA along with the other components like Royal Jelly, honeybee pollen, unprocessed honey, natural vitamin C and B12. EDTA is particularly effective in removing heavy metals like Mercury from our circulatory system. 

An Oral Chelating agent becomes more effective due to the presence of components like Royal Jelly and honey. Our body perceives it as food and it gets absorbed in the system very fast where as the EDTA in the chelating agent binds with the toxic metals and removes them out of the body. 

Oral Chelating agents like PCA-Rx (sold at are highly effective and helps you to prevent plaques and narrowing of blood vessels by bonding with the toxic metals and removing them out of the body. 

This would help you to remove toxic metals from your blood flow while gaining and maintaining you heart's health. When thousand s of patients today are adopting this chelation therapy to fight against atherosclerosis and maintain a healthy heart, why should you be left out?

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