Aromatherapy For Female Hair Loss!

At 32 years of age, my hair suddenly started falling out by the handfuls. The hair loss began in August. By October, just two months later I was almost completely bald.

Other than having hair loss, my physical health was excellent. Since my medical tests all came back normal, my doctor advised me to get a good wig and get on with my life. My friends and family encouraged me to count my blessings rather than my shortcomings. They tried to convince me that I was still the same person on the inside, with or without hair. I didn't buy it. But I did get the wig and I did get on with my life.

A new friend I met happened to be a hairdresser who specialized in thin, fine hair. After confiding in her, she told me about the great results some of her clients had using aromatherapy. She armed me with books and information. I absorbed it all and kept learning more until I was ready to make my own scalp formula.

There were many essential oils to choose from. I especially liked
using peppermint oil. The tingling sensation it produced seemed to energize my scalp and my entire being. The scent of the oil perked me up so it was a great choice to use it the morning to get my day started.

At night I would experiment with more relaxing oils such as lemon, lavender, chamomile, cypress and carrot seed. I would often sleep with the oils on my scalp and wash them out in the morning. The drifting aroma seemed to lure me into a deep sleep, helping me to wake up refreshed and revitalized.

The essential oil formulas felt so healing and energizing on my scalp. It was as if I could "feel" them working! Within three months I began seeing and feeling soft new growth. Three months after that my entire scalp was filled in with new hair.

It's been fifteen years since my hair loss incidence. Every so often I find the beginnings of new bald patches or I notice more hair falling out than usual.

As soon as I notice the hair loss I begin treating it with essential oil formulas. My hair responds quickly to the aromatherapy treatments. I've been able to stop the hair loss and start the re-growth before it becomes noticeable.

At first I really didn't care how the essential oils worked. Just the fact that they did work was all I needed to know. But, because I became so fascinated with the effects and so fond of the aromas, I went on to formally study aromatherapy.

I think of essential oils as a "fertilizer for hair". They increase circulation to the scalp. The increased blood supply nourishes the hair follicles. They increase oxygen supply, encourage cellular regeneration and remove toxins. They thoroughly cleanse the scalp, removing excess sebum, dead skin cells and environmental pollutants.

Essential oils need to be diluted with fixed oils. Jojoba and castor oil turned out to be my favorites, as even on their own they are healthy for hair and used to promote growth.

Choosing the essential oils to use in your formula requires some research and knowledge. Certain essential oils cannot be used under certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, pregnancy etc.

Your formula will be more effective if you choose oils specifically for own condition rather than a generic hair loss formula. You can customize your formula to address your specific scalp condition, such as dry, oily, itchy, sensitive, etc. You can further customize your formula by choosing oils that blend into a scent that you enjoy.

Although you apply the formula to your scalp, the healing doesn't stop there. Aromatherapy is known to produce an over-all feeling of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being that goes far beyond a better head of hair!

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