Apple Testing iPhone Jumbo

Now Bateeilee Blogs will share Apple Testing iPhone Jumbo. Apple reportedly testing iPhone with a jumbo-sized at 13-inch landscape display. This news comes following the release of the iPhone photo sailing jumbo. By Weibo, the image obtained from Apple's supplier partners.

Mentioned, Apple is now experimenting makes iPhone a great sail from 4.7, 5.7 to 13 inches. This information corroborated the testimony of a senior who says LCD manufacturers, Apple had requested the display panel shipments larger than usual.

As reported by The Sun, Monday (22/7), Apple declined to comment on the iPhone will be produced jumbo. But if true, this means the company from Cuppertino trend has swept away large producing phones that had been initiated by his main rival, Samsung.

The news was sticking when the emergence of the increasingly widespread news iPhone 5S is believed to be equipped standard 4-inch screen. iPhone 5S continues to be the talk since the beginning of the year, reportedly will also include the ability to scan fingerprints.
Including the 12 MP camera with handset casing made ​​from "Liquidmetal" aluminum. Apple releases new hero phone is expected to coincide with the launch of "cheap iPhone" with a body made of colorful plastic.

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