Indonesian Raising Oil Price, Right?

This afternoon I just wanted to express and give input to the Government of Indonesia-related increase in fuel prices should its Indonesian Government over its side to people rather than raise the price of fuel oil and its representatives should play his role well before the policy is to increase fuel prices in Indonesia.

the representatives of the people can make a law that its contents that the price of goods is a staple of the Indonesian people should not be arbitrarily raised and the law in the state has the authority to regulate and take action against anyone who violates the law , as implemented in neighboring Malaysia.

"In Malaysia the economic agents or traders if the government produced a policy in the form of oil price hike his example, then the items are arranged in Malaysian law which is the basic needs of the population of Malaysia does not come up"

so that in our country ie its Indonesian government issued a decree increasing the salaries of employees it is automatically the price of goods would rise in the market, in the absence of a law regulating what items are allowed to be raised so that the Indonesian government does not seem to have authority to regulate the price of goods that become a staple of the Indonesian people.

And in Indonesia there is no a law governing what is included materials are always needed by the Indonesian community and has set its prices and its price can not be raised by anyone in the market at random

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